In this guide you will learn how to import BF4 emblems. If you want to know how to export your emblem and store it, visit this page. This will not take long to find a solution to overcome the problem of maximum 8 emblems on Battlefield 4. To begin, I want to thank the person who is the author of this trick, it is cowboy on his page gist.github.

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Import BF4 Emblems

Note :

  • Premium members have a 40 object limit per emblem.
  • Non-premium members have a 20 object limit per emblem.
  • Only tested in Chrome browser.

Importing an emblem

The procedure has been tested with Chrome and Firefox, but it should also work with other browsers with a console. Log on to the BF4 Battlelog and go to the Customize emblem page. Click the + ADD.

Import BF4 Emblems

Open the console (Ctrl-Shift-J in Chrome, Ctrl-Shift-K in Firefox) and paste the contents of an emblem that you previously exported (find your emblem here) and click OK. Make sure to have all of emblem.emblem.load until the last semicolon.

code to import bf4 emblems

Click the SAVE & USE button in the top right corner. Close the console.

Save & Use your news import BF4 emblems.

And voila, you have your freshly imported emblem!